Role Description

Mobility Trainer

Complete Communication Ltd provides academic support to students in receipt of Disabled Student Allowance (DSA). We are passionate about providing high-quality support workers who can help to make a difference to our students studying higher education courses throughout the UK. 

With recent and continued expansion, we are looking to expand the wealth of knowledge that we have with highly qualified and experienced specialist support staff. The role that we are currently looking for is a Mobility Trainer.

Your role:

Initially, you will need to provide a professional assessment of the student’s campus location, which will then allow you to conduct a programme of training for them. This kind of training may be required by students who have difficulty with orientation resulting from brain damage but is particularly applicable for visually impaired or blind students. Each student will require an individually developed programme based on an assessment of their needs and will need to learn with their mobility trainer the safest routes around campus either using a long cane or with a guide dog. 

Your Skills:

All candidates must possess the relevant qualifications and proven experience in training visually impaired or blind people. This must also extend to those who have significant orientation difficulties because of other impairments and enable them to find their way independently and safely around a new environment.

Your qualifications/training:

All candidates must possess one of the following qualifications to be considered by Complete Communication Ltd.

  • BSc / BSc (Hons) Degree in Rehabilitation Work (Visual Impairment) 
  • PG Dip in Habilitation and Disabilities of Sight (Children and Young People) (Note: successful completion of the Graduate Diploma, followed by a probationary year, is a registration requirement of the UK Habilitation Professional Body, Habilitation VI UK.)
  • Certification in Habilitation Studies 
  • Foundation Degree in Rehabilitation Work (Visual Impairment) 
  • Diploma in Higher Education in Rehabilitation Studies (Visual Impairment)  
  • BTEC Professional Diploma in rehabilitation studies (visual impairment)   
  • Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care in Rehabilitation Studies (Visual Impairment) 
  • Habilitation Work – Working with Children and Young People – Top Up Degree - BSc (Hons) 
  • Habilitation and Disabilities of Sight Graduate Diploma Course at ULC Institute of Education (IOE). 
  • Graduate Diploma in Low Vision Rehabilitation 
  • Combined Mobility Officer and Technical Officer Certificate 

Our commitment to you:

For this specific role, successful applicants will receive:

· Competitive rates of pay

· Free CPD accredited online training in relevant topics

· Flexible working patterns

Additional Information:

The working hours vary according to the needs of the student and their academic timetable. All support workers are paid on a self-employed basis whereby they are responsible for paying their own NI contributions and tax. 

We are looking for new and enthusiastic staff to carry the Complete Communication name and provide NMH support in a positive way. We are looking for people who are as passionate as we are about making further education accessible to all.

This recruitment campaign is ongoing. This role is required UK wide.

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