Deaf Awareness training - Plymouth

Do you want to make your organisation more Deaf aware?

All deaf people, regardless of whether they are proud members of a culturally rich community, or an older person who has lost hearing with age, experiences the same barriers when it comes to accessing services.

We offer collaborative courses which bring together a host of people from different companies and backgrounds to unite them through deaf awareness, as well as offering bespoke courses for companies who want to train a large portion of their workforce.

Once your staff members have attended our Deaf Awareness training course, you will be ensuring that your organisation will:

  • Demonstrate an increased knowledge and understanding of effective communication with deaf and hard of hearing people
  • Provide a more accessible service to deaf and hard of hearing service users
  • Provide a better working environment for deaf employees
  • Improve customer service, leading to increased loyalty and retention
  • Show an increase in staff confidence, and therefore a reduction in frustration and embarrassment
  • Demonstrate some of the ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ required of you under the Equality Act 2010, thus reducing the potential for litigation.

All our trainers are Deaf themselves and BSL users – this means that your staff will learn about the personal and lived experiences of the different barriers that Deaf people encounter in their daily lives.

Training is in our training location or in-house for either a half or full day. We are also happy to adapt the course to suit your organisation’s needs.

All participants receive a certificate of attendance and additional resources to support learning after the course. We are also happy to include your business logo and name on our website as a company who has been a recipient of our training.

Course content

Our typical Deaf Awareness courses covers the following topics:

  • What is deafness?
  • Coping with communication difficulties
  • Basic British Sign Language
  • Deaf culture
  • Lip-reading
  • Tips for effective communication

Whether you have a Deaf employee, and want to facilitate equality of access within the team, or you want to raise the awareness of front of house staff on the communication needs of Deaf customers, we can help.

To find our more about how we can help your organisation become more deaf aware, please get in touch.

Want to learn British Sign Language (BSL)?

If you or your organisation want to learn British Sign Language, get in touch. We are able to offer accredited and bespoke training courses to meet your needs.

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Exeter Northcott Theatre

Claire, Taster Session Attendee

Claire, Taster Session Attendee

Thank you for the training session on Monday that you guys did for us up here at the Northcott. It was by far the most engaging training I have ever attended and I just wanted to congratulate you on it. I feel like I have taken away a lot of seriously useful skills, theoretical and practical from the session. You were both immensely supportive in teaching the signs and responding to questions and the overall experience was one I’m sure I will remember for a long time. I cannot praise you both enough and I know that most others on the course felt the same. I look forward to hopefully seeing you again at the theatre in the future!

Claire, Taster Session Attendee

Claire, Taster Session Attendee

Claire, Taster Session Attendee

Attended a free workshop today - it was brilliant! I’m a complete beginner but Daryl and Lynn were so nice and they made me feel really comfortable with trying out BSL.

Henry White, Business Owner

Claire, Taster Session Attendee

Henry White, Business Owner

Absolutely loved the deaf awareness training that you guys did for us. It was really interesting to have some deaf history along with learning some signs to help us with basic communication. 

The activites were really fun but also quite insightful to give us some sort of understanding as to how difficult it can be.

Thank you for coming to us to do this, we shall definitiely book again for our next influx of staff.